There are literally no occasions where you can miss with a pastry selection! From Christmas, through Easter, from regular weekly gatherings to weddings, there’s a pastry for every occasion, and here’s a brief guide on which pastries to make or buy for which occasion.

Christmas Pastries

What’s a Christmas without something sweet to gnaw on? Apple pies and Apple Cinnamon cakes are almost traditional for a role of christmas sweets, but there are all kinds of pies to pick from as well as various cakes. My personal favorite is cranberry and orange meringue pie, but tastes differ across the world, so you can go with whatever suits your fancy. Just don’t forget to add other sweets next to the pastries – puddings and desserts for anyone who wants to feel like a child all over again.

Easter Pastries

Easter pastries go much more along the European line of thought, with half exotic pastries like Napolitan deserts instead of your regular assortment of pies that western world is so hooked on. Pastries with marzipan glaze and cinnamon should dot the Easter table. Personal favorite for me is La Colomba, a reasonably simple dessert similar to a Christmas cake, made of egg, sugar, butter and yeast, plus various candied fruits, cooked in oven on low heat for long period of time.

Wedding day pastries

You’d be surprised, but there are actually several different kinds of cakes you need to pick out from if you really want the special day to be special. Standard white cake is something that everybody expects, and there’s a groom’s cake, which needs to be in dark brown colors, for the men to sweeten things up. Ordering a wedding cake is always a hassle, as very few women want to make that particular cake themselves, but prefer finding an expert in making cakes just for the occasion.

Party Pastries

Now, here’s where you can go wild. There are all kinds of party pastries to pick from, depending on what you like. If you prefer sweet pastries, cupcakes are the best choice, as well as chocolate chip cookies. You can make chocolate chip cookies even tastier by adding candied fruit to the mix, something sweet like pineapple or coconut. Donuts are always a viable option, but you need to be a skilled cook to pull those off properly, and you usually have to make them in advance so the glaze will set properly. Non-sweet pastries include Pizza, and when you’ve got that on the menu, you don’t really need anything else, just go with pizza! Make sure you have several kinds, including a vegetarian option, so everyone would have something that suits their tastes.

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